Voonls Ps2sep21The nine of them who tendered their resignation as party members citing loss of confidence in the leadership through the press were Dr. Elli Luhat, Jeffrey Unggat, Baba Emperan, Sylvester Embuas, Ignatius J Bunsuan, Robert Saweng and Kenneth Adan Silek. Party leaders were aware of their desire to leave the party long time ago and had monitored their activities and network in political circles closely.



Vls11may2021By now the King should know from media and information received from other sources including statutory declarations who are the contending candidates for the 9th prime minister. Can the King make a correct choice? The problem is the King may find it difficult to make the correct choice as to who should be picked as prime minister because the MPs by toeing to party line, may vote the person of his or her party’s choice although this may go against the MP’s conscience.

Vls11may2021GPS government is urged not to celebrate Merdeka Day come this 31 August, 2021. It has no significance at all for Sarawak and to celebrate Merdeka Day would be misleading Sarawakians.

Sarawak Independence, which way forward?  IR (Independence Referendum) or UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence)?  What are the differences and which is the best way for Sarawak?
To answer the above questions and many more regarding this, on 7- 8-2021, Saturday, 8:00pm we have invited 2 Special Guests to give us some insights on it.

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