After PM said if people prefer GST, PH government will consider reintroducing GST, Now Finance Minister repeated the PM point. However, how come the management of a nation can be in such situation without foresight and plan that could calm the nerve of investors and rakyat? 国家经济和收入与开销的应付能力要看老百姓的喜恶来决定,太儿戏了吧?

(Dayak Daily - By Lian Cheng - September 20, 2019)

KUCHING, Sept 20: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) holds that Sarawak must set up its own defence to safeguard its borders by reviving the Sarawak Rangers and Border Scouts. Its president Voon Lee Shan, who believed that the Malaysian armed forces are illequipped, said past incidences have shown that Sarawak could not rely on the military to safeguard Sarawak’s security.

By Voon Lee Shan President Parti Bumi Kenyalang Dated: 2 October 2019

For 56 years no one been charged for offences in connection with Negara Ku. If people begun to disrespect Negara Ku, then, this is an indication that Malaysia is heading to destruction. The sense of patriotism is missing because government policies of inequal treatment of race and religion had made Malaysia a failed nation.

(Source: youtube -  pkar Singh - Published on Sep 9, 2019)

The territory of Sabah and Sarawak in North Borneo gained independence for a few weeks before being forcibly merged with Malaya on September 16th 1963.

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