PH government is no longer people friendly government but tax collectors?

It seems to be the case when their eyes only focus on how to squeeze an extra Ringgit out of Malaysian citizen.

However, the story doesn't stop there especially when parents transferring property to children they will value your properties current value and estimating how much you have "earned" since you purchased the property and tax 5%. Under previous system any property after 5 years no tax will be imposed.

Life is getting tougher under PH government and Malaysia people wondering whether there is any mismanagement. Or may be they will play the game of giving sweet and candy when 15GE is near? Now Inland Revenue Department and Ministry of Domestic Trades, consumerism and Industry going all out against business firms and individuals. Many wondering is that how they say "thank you" for voting them into federal government?

When people finding it hard to make ends meet PH government is pushing Malaysian over the cliff and forcing people to "rebel". People no longer buy the reason : "hardships owing to previous government corruption". Obviously hardship is caused by mismanagement, new policies and style of management of present PH government.

PH government's integrity and sincerity is now questioned by rakyat especially after 14GE manifesto has become broken promises.

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