With reference to the upgrading of the 5 roundabout projects along Kuching-Samarahan Expressway, yes, it would alleviate the rush-hour extreme traffic congestion.

The federal government has taken the view that it is not necessary to reveal the final report of the Cabinet Special Committee on the implementation of Malaysia Agreement 1963.

Malaysia was formed on the agreement that there should not be any official religion because our forefathers foresee possible dominance by Malayan malays over Sabah and Sarawak in religious matters. This was in the 18 and 20 Points Agreement.

President Voon Lee Shan and Deputy President Rev Peli Aron visiting the burnt down longhouse in Kpg Rasau, Engkilili, sharing the pains and sufferings of the people trying to salvage whatever they can from the leftover remains.

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