It is time for Sarawak government to base on International laws and United Nations rulings as well as decolonization process to pass Declaration of Independence in DUN and submit it to United Nation's and England for registration. By doing that Sarawak will regain it's independent status.

Honor is about to release its new Honor 9X mid-range smartphone at the end of this month. The Huawei sub-brand has just confirmed that the new device will be powered by the latest Kirin 810 processor, which is similar to the new Huawei Nova 5.

The writer wrote without referring to United Nations facts and figures and not even bother to read and understand the Malaysia Agreement 1963 nor following up decolonization process encouraged and recorded by United Nations brushing aside "Sarawak In quest Of Independence" by saying "all asserting (falsely) that the state was already independent on July 22, 1963 before Malaysia came into being on Aug 31 that year — all to fit into a newly thought-up narrative that the state came into Malaysia as an “equal partner” (with the whole of Malaya, no less) " His stand obviously is with the Malaya and the purpose of the writing is equally obvious trying to confuse and frighten Sarawak people.

Unifi Air could be the “Streamyx solution” with unlimited quota

For what has felt like ages, Streamyx users nationwide have been looking for a solution to their lack of access to Unifi‘s fibre plans. Today, it looks like Unifi may have a solution on the horizon as a leaked slide from what looks like a pitch deck reveals something called Unifi Air, a proposed plan to bring Unifi and fibre-like internet connectivity to those who have no access to fibre ports.

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