The high price to pay for not sending back fugitive as requested by India?? Some claimed that's the reason but firms normally buy from the cheapest to reduce cost and maximize profit

The Malays are the ‘tuan’ (masters of the country)? What tuan? Asks Dr M

(MalaysiaWorldNews - By ZIININE A.S on September 6, 2019)
Dr Mahathir Mohamad has slammed those who claim that the Malays are the “masters” of the country, saying that the Malays are the poorest and the unskilled people in the country.

The only reason to increase retirement age is the person still have financial commitment and there is not enough saving to meet the financial burden, could be in the form of housing loan or children educational expenses. Worse still when more taxes have been imposed and retirement age means nothing but losing monthly earning. No one could understand their plight except themselves.

SPA: Sarawak Rangers should be revived as security force under Sarawak government

(Dayak Daily - September 2, 2019 )
KUCHING, Sept 2: Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA) is calling for Sarawak Rangers to be revived as a local security force under the Sarawak government.

(The Star - Tuesday, 03 Sep 2019 By STEPHEN THEN)

MIRI: A community-based organisation has pointed out the irony of Sarawak being the richest state in natural resources yet having a large number of poor families.

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