PH Sarawak and GPS are intentionally trying to label Sarawak independent movement as illegal, possibly brings chaos and violence so as to deter more people for accepting the concept of independence especially the "In Quest Of Independence" concept of Parti Bumi Kenyalang.

A Malay guy questioned his Indian friend, *what wrong of introducing Jawi/Khat lessons in Bahasa Malaysia* Instead of answering he invited his Malay friend to a restaurant and asked him to order his favourite food, and also order his.

(Star Online - Wednesday, 01 Jan 2020)

TODAY marks the start of the new year. A year in which Malaysians thought they could look forward to. Alas, it will take a longer period of time for “Wawasan 2020” to be fully realised.

Malaysia petroleum extraction is good for another 10 years before depletion. Sarawak people should vote for independence in order to regain control of our natural resources.◤2020年经济展望◢ 大马石油储存拉警报! 供应只够约10年

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