In a lengthy column posted on Harakah Daily, Hadi went on to say that it was forbidden for people of Islamic faith to surrender power to other races who are not Muslim.

“Haram bagi umat Islam menyerah kuasa kepada bangsa lain yang bukan Islam, sehingga menjadi hina laksana menyerah rumah kepada penumpang, kemudian melarikan diri tanpa bumi tanah air tempat berpijak,” he wrote.

(It’s forbidden for Muslims to surrender power to other races who are not Muslims until they are disgraced, akin to surrendering your home to a guest, and then fleeing without a homeland to stand on.)
Source: Crowing Nonsense For Dedak - TALKBACK, malaysiakini

Sarawak Report Comments
(Sarawak Report - 7 October 2019)
Hadi is like a bald old cockerel in the farmyard, crowing loudly on the same old tune whilst UMNO warlords throw him their remaining stolen dedak. Others will be happy to flap around him for as long as the dedak keeps coming.

His sort of boastful ‘learning’ ignores the fact that he flies in airplanes, travels in cars, enjoys aircon and had his heart fixed thanks to international science and cooperation, none of which he has a clue about.

He is ‘superior’ because he says so, but must forgive the rest of the world for having a bit of a laugh about it.

Meanwhile, the great religions of the Middle East (Judaism, Christianity and Muslim in chronological order) share fundamental principals along with their joint heritage. They encourage civilised and humble decency towards fellow beings, not the crowing boastful supremacist nonsense of the kind he specialises in.

Hadi should probably spend less time strutting about and more time re-reading his religious books as his years advance.
Source: Sarawak Report

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