Sarawak to use English in teaching mathematics and it does not "U" turn!

Education, Science and Technology Research Minister Datuk Seri McGowan announced today that next year, 1046 primary schools will officially adopt English teaching mathematics in response to Prime Minister Tun Mahathir’s proposal to restart the English teaching mathematics plan. Sarawak is willing to accept this challenge and become the first state in the country to adopt English teaching.

He said that in order to cope with this plan, 2,657 teachers must be trained, including 1005 science teachers, 1275 math teachers and 377 math teachers.

At the same time, he expects to spend RM9 million next year to promote the program, including teacher training, textbooks and textbooks. At present, Sarawak is cooperating with higher education institutions to conduct teacher training, and will also print the required textbooks.

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