Did you know that you can borrow eBooks from the National Library for free?

Apparently, Malaysians spend very little time for reading books but surprisingly, we are one of the world’s highest spenders on books according to a recent survey. If you love to read, there’s actually a way for you to borrow eBooks from the National Library of Malaysia.

It was shared recently that the National Library has a large collection of eBooks and audiobooks which you can rent for 7-14 days. The best part is that it’s totally free of charge. The eBooks and audiobooks can be accessed via the web or with the Libby app.
At the moment, it appears that you can login with a pre-generated library card number which ranges from pnm001 to pnm999, or eb001 to eb999, and there’s no password required. This isn’t ideal as you’re using a login that’s shared with other people and there’s a limit of 10 books per card.

We tried to register a new library card but it leads to a broken page. Perhaps, the National Library could look into this as it will be better for each user to have their own login.
For the best experience, we recommend using the Libby app as it has a better experience. There’s also the ability to download eBooks for offline viewing which is great if you’re always on the move. The collection is quite large and there are also eBooks that cover Malay and children’s titles.
If you prefer to listen, the National Library also has a collection of audiobooks as well. At the moment, there are 439 titles at the time of posting which include both fiction and non-fiction categories.

Do note that there’s a limited number of copies per title. For popular titles like the Billion Dollar Whale, there’s already a waiting list of 18 people on it. If you’re interested, you can place a hold so that you can borrow it as soon as it is available.
Overall, this is a great initiative to digitise our library and it is accessible to everyone with a mobile device. Happy reading!

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