Parti Bumi Kenyalang In Quest of Independence is working on the footprints left by our beloved CM Tan Sri Adenan Satem who was clear that Sarawak should work on to seek independence from the federation of Malaysia by peaceful and constitutional means and within the framework of international law. Please rally behind us to form the next Sarawak government.

肯雅兰全民党寻求独立是跟随我们敬爱的前首席部长Tan Sri Adenan Satem留下的足迹。他明确表示砂拉越应该通过和平和宪法方式以及在国际法框架内从马来西亚联邦寻求独立。请在我们的身后支持,让我们组建一个砂拉越政府。

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