Sarawak history has been hidden from Sarawak people making Sarawak people one race (including all ethnic people living in towns, cities, villages, longhouses and forest and jungles) with no past making Sarawak people only loyal to Federal Government instead of their motherland Sarawak. With many educated Sarawak people awakening and the power of internet more Sarawak people come to realize Sarawak and its people have been short-changed.

Based on Sarawak State Assembly press release on 11 July 2018 reported  "Petronas's  Natural gas output (680,000 barrels) net income was RM113 Million per day while Crude oil output per day is 170,000 barrel with net income of RM25,753,000 per day based on official 2017 figure, giving Pentronas (Federal Government) a total of about RM139 Million net income per day. " To know our motherland Sarawak better watch the videos:

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