This video was made in early Jan 2021after listening to so many complaints from both the shopowners and road users to highlight this unfinished project located around Jln Masjid, Lebuh Java, Market Street and Gartak Street which had caused a lot of inconvenience and hazards to the road users, traffic jams during peak hours, loss of business to the surrounding shops. It was supposed to have been completed in Jan 2019.

As reported, now DBKU and its contractor are saying it will be completed and safe for public use by end of April 2021.
We are reposting this video so that all of us can follow and keep an eye on this project to ensure DBKU and its contractor honour and deliver what they have promised.

This project is under the Padungan Constituency.

Far too often, this govt have made too many promises and failed to deliver. As tax payers, the people have the right to demand better service and treatment and hold the govt of the day to account.

Raymond Thong

翻译 Translator

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