This is a demonstration of another version of the same song sung 50-60 years ago.

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A message to all North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak people. A message for all of us to understand and struggle for it. This struggle is not a game. We are here not to play on somebody's else game because there is million of life of people to be accounted for and we did it for the sake of our future generation.


Fair Land Sarawak  

Lyrics F. C. Ogden   Music George R. K. Freeth   Adopted 1946   Relinquished 31 August 1973

"Fair Land Sarawak" was the state anthem of Sarawak, alongside "God Save the King/Queen" from 1946 (post handover) until 1973, where it was replaced with a new anthem titled "Sarawak Bahagia".

古晋与浮罗岸市区风景图组视频 音乐:Sarawak more than a paradise

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