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A message to all North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak people. A message for all of us to understand and struggle for it. This struggle is not a game. We are here not to play on somebody's else game because there is million of life of people to be accounted for and we did it for the sake of our future generation.

Dear Sabahan and Sarawakian, please download each of the part which the next part will be upload. Then, spread it by sharing to all the people surround you (Sabahan and Sarawakian).

Please do not forget to sign the petition ( to show your support for we are really serious about this matter. This is about our future, your future and everyone's future. Let us unite and make this happen. For North Borneo and Sarawak! RISE AND CLAIMS OUR RIGHTS AS AN INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGN NATIONS!!!


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