Based on Bernama report ( August 18, 2017 @ 9:58pm) Sarawak alone produces 850,000 barrels of oil daily.

根据Bernama报告(2017年8月18日@ 9:58 pm),砂拉越每天生产85万桶石油。

At USD 65.20 per barrel (28 Jul 2019 price. Sarawak oil could fetch better price since Sarawak oil is of low sulphur content) and World (majority oil production countries) average  production cost of USD30.00 (could be lower in Sarawak, calculation will be more accurate if actual figure is available) giving net profit of USD30.20 per barrel, 850,000 barrel is equivalent to USD35.20 x 850,000 = USD25,670,000 and using exchange rate of USD 1.00 =RM4.00 it will be RM102,680,000 net profit per day in favour of Petronas and 5% for Sarawak is RM5,134,000 per day. PH promise of 20% royalty is about RM20,536,000 and so far the promise is not delivered.

根据Bernama报告(2017年8月18日@ 9:58 pm),砂拉越每天生产85万桶石油。

以每桶65.20美元(2019年7月28日价格。砂拉越石油可以获得更好的价格,因为砂拉越石油含硫量低)和(大部分世界石油生产国)平均生产成本30美元(砂拉越可能更低, 如果可以获得砂拉越正式生产成本,计算会更可靠),每桶净利润为30.20美元,所以850,000桶相当于USD35.20 x 850,000 = 25,670,000美元,使用1.00美元= RM4.00的汇率,马来西亚国家石油公司 (PETRONAS),每天净利润为RM102,680,000,砂拉越的5%为5,134,000令吉一天。 希望联盟承诺20%的特许权使用费(ROYALTY FEE)约为RM20,536,000 一天,到目前为止还没有兑现承诺。

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