Are car subscriptions worth it?  Car subscription services are on the rise in Malaysia. But, with so many different versions from different operators, the question becomes: Is it worth it? Is it better than buying outright? Alex and Amin discuss.

On today's unboxing, we will be taking a look at one of Realme's most interesting smartphone this year and it is the Realme X2 Pro and I know a lot of you guys in the comment section have been asking about this device. And here we are looking the Realme X2 Pro in glory! But I wonder why is everyone so hyped about this smartphone? Well let's find out on today's unboxing. Oh, and I forgot to mentioned that the Realme X2 Pro comes with stereo speakers too! Amazing right?


领养狗儿需要爱心,照顾上百只流浪猫狗需要更多的耐心和恒心。吉打一对穆斯林夫妇,十年前毅然设立流浪猫狗庇护所。这对穆斯林夫妇不畏惧他人的眼光,对毛孩的付出跨越宗教界限,让人动容。丈夫Pak Mie三年前过世,留下妻子Mak Intan和600只狗狗以及其他小动物。但庇护所的故事未完待续。今天的《瑞犬旺福》新年专题,让我们透过镜头,看看已经年届七旬的马来f妇女,

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