Update your WhatsApp now to avoid Israeli spyware
WhatsApp is urging all users to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to prevent your personal information from being compromised. A vulnerability was found in the instant messaging app where spyware can be injected with a simple WhatsApp call.

There was allegation that present Prime Minister involved in "malpractice" during his previous term as Prime Minister of Malaysia but so far there is no hard evidence to show that he is involved in the allegation.

The latest world tech news reporting from Barcelona, Spain. Latest Xiaomi Mi 9, Huawei latest Mate X foldable phone and etc

Woman's Day just two days away and it is time to salute those using own hands to nurture good world leaders, engineers, doctors, clerks, factory workers, farmers and many others who are parts and parcel of a progressive nation. Happy Woman's Day



Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim shares his views on the state of political affairs in Malaysia and where Johor stands on this.

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