In the 1980s, Sabah's population was allegedly re-engineered through a secretive operation now known as 'Project IC'. Here's what happened.

非法以“沙巴身份证计划”颠覆沙巴人口比例,政权分配,剥夺沙巴人民的基本权利,为了政权可以无视建国国际公约“马来西亚公约1963” (Malaysia Agreement 1963)公然进行非法勾当。

We must have team work for our progress.

Let us learn from the little ants. 

Sarawak is our homeland. Sarawak is our root and it is rich in natural resources and despite producing petroleum we only benefit 5% from the production. 14 GE promises of increase in petroleum subsidy allocation to 20% and 50% tax collected from Sarawak to be returned to Sarawak government, even if Sarawak government is still under BN (now GPS), is not fulfilled up to now.

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