PRESS STATEMENT for Parti Bumi Kenyalang by Voon Lee Shan, Legal Advisor to Parti Bumi Kenyalang.
Malaysia was a still born baby, born dead on 16 September 1963. Therefore, there is nothing to restore concening the rights of Sabah and Sarawak when Malaysia, of which Sabah and Sarawak were a part of that baby, was born dead.


By Voon Lee Shan
Former State Assemblyman for Batu Lintang and Legal Advisor of Party Bumi Kenyalang.

The proposed amendment to Art. 1(2) is to get Sabah and Sarawak to fall into the trap of the Federation of Malaya. Most of the members of the federal cabinet are from the Federation of Malaya  and they know the federal constitution has to be amended to please the people of Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah and Sarawak are a gift from Britain to the Federation of Malaya which took a new name, the Federation of Malaysia. The new name according to legal experts of the United Nations as recorded in the Juridical Yearbook 1963 was that, there was no change of identity and status of Federation of Malaya as member of the United Nations by taking a new name. The taking or acquisition of these territories from Britain was only an enlargement of the Federation of Malaya.

The footsteps of history have already entered 2019, and reviewing history is of great significance for looking into the future. For Malaysia, after half a century of Alliance, BN monopolization, abuse of power and corruption, the first realization of political party rotation, people expect the new government PH to practice the pre-election promise, do not use the excuse of not using the Bible Hey. 2019 will be a crucial year for the Pakatan Harapan government to continue to win the hearts of the people.

Bringing both UK Government and Federal Government to court could be one of the effective measures Sarawak people could take to address the long overdue recognition of the autonomy of Sarawak and Sabah under Malaysia Agreement 1963. Such action will help to clear all doubts on the rights and self government of both Sarawak and Sabah and oownership of Oil And Gas and other resources,as well as  Education and immigration independence.

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