Speaker: PBK's Vice- President En. Peter Asut En. Peter Asut mentioned the following points in his speech;

1. Join PBK as his political struggle due to awareness. How do you ignore reality as it happen in front of you. Don't be someone who doesn't care. Political awareness is simply an understanding of these " power webs" and ability to navigate them, therefore get things done.

2. Why I joined PBK? A party with good vision In Quest Of Independence. I could have joined other political parties, but choose PBK on the basis of the following reasons and my observation;
(i) PBK is fighting for Independence Sarawak. Once we gain independence, we control our economy, Oil & Gas and Mineral Resources and not someone else as what happen for the last 56 years.
(ii) PBK is a multi racial local base party for all sarawakian, irrespective of our racial and religious backgrounds.

3. If PBK form the next Sarawak Gov't;
(i) Share our resources among all sarawakians.
(ii) To provide fair developments in term of infrastructures, facilities and economic initiatives to rural communities.

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