PARTI BUMI KENYALANG Deputy President Peli Aron Speech at "In Quest Of Independence" Dinner 28 Sep 2019

Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) Deputy President Peli Aron (Iban) Speech Summary

En. Peli Aron said "your face doesn't count it is your heart that counts". So in PBK what is important is your heart. Where is your heart? Is it for Sarawak? Do you want to see your next generation, next 56 years, deprive of oil and gas.

En Peli Aron also talked about the history behind change of name of Semengan to Sri Aman. He also said age should not stop him for standing as a candidate for Sri Aman in the next election. He thanks the present of his Iban and Malay friends coming to the dinner. And he is multilingue.

En Peli Aron introduced the iban (as well as any other Sarawak races) call:
"If you lose your language, you lose your race. If you lose your race, you lose your land."

"If you don't defend for your language, there is a danger for Iban language to disappear. Because PH government wants to introduce Khat (Jawi). Jawi is confined to Malay and Melanau people. But if Iban kids in the interior asked to study Jawi, in the next five years they will lose their race, they will lose their language so it is a very dangerous situation they are facing now.

There is a very famous Iban saying: "Iban has been in Sarawak for at least 1,000 years based on museum record but we can easily lose our language, our race and our land."

Grand son said: "Grand father why do you plant durian when your age is already 60?" "You are not going to eat the durian your age is already 60."
Wise grand father said: "I am planting this durian not for myself but for my future generations which includes you."
En. Pel Aron said if we don't take up this challenge now your race is either lost or disappeared. You have nothing to keep and there is no heritage you can give to your children, grand children and great grant children if you don't take up the struggle now.
So age is not the question, it is the heart. Where is your heart? Where is your determination? Do you want to enjoy yourself? Or you want to say "I am planting for my children, grand children and great grand children."
En Peli Aron emphasized "That's why I am here." "If you see the danger and you don't blow the trumpet, and you don't tell your people who don't know anything, that the enemy is coming. Now if the enemy attacked and people died Your God will make you responsible for the blood of people who died. And that's very frightening thing. No matter what is your profession, could you answer your God "What is your brain for?"

Which political party will protect your children, grand children and great grand children? Will you give the whole of your heart and your commitment to protect your children, grand children and great grand children? And take back the rice (oil and gas) that has been taken away for 54 years?

En Peli Aron quotes the newspaper report that PM said Federal government could not give Sarawak 20% oil royalty as promised in manifesto by doing so government will bankrupt. He asked whose oil is it? God given to Anak Sarawak
Petroleum extraction started in 1901 in Miri., Shell operated the first Oil drill in Miri. In 1968 Oil refinery was in Lutong. but now it is in Terengganu.It has been transferred from Lutong, Miri to Terengganu. It is shocking to know that not just oil taken from Sarawak the refinery also taken. Isn't that serious?!

En Peli Aron talked about Sarawak Rangers sent to protect British interest in Malaya and many of them died there. "If you don't know your past and where you are in the past, you don't know where you are now and you cannot see your future." "Tell your children to come to fight for freedom and independence of Sarawak under the banner of Parti Bumi Kenyalang"

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