PARTI BUMI KENYALANG Vice President Dato George Martin Speech Summary
Sarawak economy is in bad shape and it is time for Sarawakian to wake up and do something about it.

Sarawakian have been "bullied" by unfair and racist education policies not based on merit but based on race and qouta. Many having good results could not enter the local government universities and their parents forced to sell landed properties just to see their children through either local private universities or overseas universities. Even scholarship award also based on race not on merit and financial difficulties.

"Sarawak is not a poor country. Sarawak is a rich country. We have to do something about it before Malayan took all our oil and gas. "
We have to work hand in hand as one nation one Sarawakian."
Economy is very bad and Palm oil has no export value and growers are making a loss. Landed properties in Sarawak is more expensive when compared to Malaya house pricing and it is difficult to get Bank loan.

Employment in government sector is near impossible for non bumi. If we cannot go for independence we have to fight for our rights.

Malaysia education in my opinion is even not as good as Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines and Sarawakian are smart and we have engineers, doctors, accountants, accountants and many other professionals. It is time for us to wake up and do something for Sarawak

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