Parti Bumi Kenyalang Central Committee Member M.r Moh Hiong King's Speech Summary:
Do you know where is our rights?
Mr. Moh talked about Malaysia Agreement 1963 and PDA 1974,.

Supposedly Sarawak and Sabah to be having equal partners status with federation of Malaya but PDA74 and the disregard of Malaysia Agreement 1963 by federal government has downgraded Sarawak and Sabah into one of the 13 states of Malaysia.

Mr. Moh also talked about the failed amendment of federal constitution (based on federation of Malaya Agreement 1957 instead of Malaysia Agreement 1963) with the intention of permanently write into current federal constitution "Sarawak and Sabah are one of the 13 states in Malaysia" without referring to Malaysia Agreement 1963.

Mr. Moh also mentioned that after PH won the 9 May 2018 parliament election PETRONAS bring Sarawak government to court to get the judgement that under PDA 1974 Sarawak's Oil and Gas belong to PETRONAS. Fortunately, Sarawak has Oil & Mining Ordinance from the era of White Raja long before "formation" of Malaysia.

Mr. Moh also mentioned about "In Quest Of Independence" via UDI Declaration of Independence in Sarawak Assembly (because of null and void of Malaysia Agreement 1963 as well as political and economical differences, like the case of Singapore) and register it with United Nations.

** Malaysia Agreement 1963 is null and void because Sabah and Sarawak are colonies of United Kingdom when jointly signed the Malaysia Agreement 1963 with Singapore and Federation of Malaya. With the exit of Singapore the validity of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 is questionable. Moreover, by passing PDA 1974 (Petroleum Development Act 1974) to offset and limit the Sabah and Sarawak rights written in Malaysia Agreement 1963 is in breach of Malaysia Agreement 1963.
** United Kingdom has not decolonized Sabah and Sarawak. Under United Nations rulings decolonization process must be completed. Therefore Parti Bumi Kenyalang is in the position to complete the decolonization process and to inform United Nations and United Kingdom of the necessary to complete the decolonization process.

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