In response to statements made by Tan Sri James Masing and by Pakatan Harapan( Roland Engan-PKR)

 Both JKKK and MPKKP are unconstitutional under Art 160 Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution is the supreme law in the land.

 Customs, usages and practices are recognised as law under the Constitution. Customs, usages and practices allowed natives to chose their own headmen and village committees since time immomorial.

 Ordinan Ketua Kaum Dan Ketua Masyarakat 2004 could not be used to extinguish this custom, usage and practice to give government of the day to chose headmen and Village Committee. It is a known fact that the government of the day clings to power by directly or indirectly appointing headmen and Village Committee to control the village people.

 In return, the headmen and Village Committee who were given allowances, have to swear allegiance not to their followers, but, to the YBs and government of the day that appointed them. By the Ordinance the villages lost their right to chose their own headmen and Village committee.

 This had caused many longhouses to split and now we hardly can see longhouses of over 80-100 doors anymore.

 This strategy of gaining support and clinging to power is now a strategy adopted or imported by the PH government to control the rural people. It is like a saying says.. "Senjata makan tuan sendiri."

  Rural people are at the mercy of both GPS and PH governments now. The village headmen and Village Committee that do not support the government will likely find themselves removed and replaced by new faces. Their villages may also not be given funds or facilities they asked for.

 Therefore, this system will keep the rural folks at the mercy of either GPS or PH goverments. It is also for this reason rural areas are not developed because if they are found not supporting the government of the day, projects granted would be withdrawn or shifted away. Projects would only be restored if they support the government again.

 It is forseeable, there will be more break-ups of longhouses. Cultures will be destroyed if GPS and PH are at having a political war over the matter.

 Rural folks have to be advised that their right to chose their own leaders is a human right and is an inalienable right protected by the Federal Constitution.

 If they can keep their customs, usages and practices and are in control of appointing their own headmen and Village Committee, they can dictate the government of the day in many things to their advantage instead of having begging for help.

 From Voon Lee Shan

President, Parti Bumi Kenyalang.
Dated:Sunday 27 October, 2019


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