The Kenyan National Party begged the Sarawak government to request the federal government to allocate a 10% share (RM26 billion) of the federal economic stimulus funds of 260 billion ringgit to the Sarawak government for award to Sarawakians.

1.14 billion ringgits: each registered Sarawak voter is RM10,000 per person.

2. RM 6 billion: Within 10 months from the start date of the “Administration Order”, 1 million SME workers are subsidized by RM600 per month.

3. RM 4 billion: Personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical items for frontline medical personnel used to combat the new Coronary Pneumonia virus (Covid-19)

4. RM 2 billion: provide food and food for those who are stateless, especially those in remote areas, unregistered voters who need help, people with disabilities and / or other physically or mentally handicapped people, and all those who really need help Other assistance .

Our reasons are as follows:
1. The federal government plunders hundreds of billions of ringgit from Sarawak ’s oil and gas revenues every year. It is a matter of course for the federal government to transfer the above funds to the Sarawak government for disposal when Sarawak is in great need of funding.

2. The above allocation should be and can be carried out with absolute transparency, for example, directly deposited in the respective accounts of registered voters to prevent any arrangement of black box operations.

If the federal government fails to transfer the above funds to the Sarawak state treasury, then Sarawak MPs should cast a vote of no confidence in the federal government at the National Assembly.

If this solution is adopted, it will be enough to prevent the resource-rich Sarawak from falling into economic depression, and Sarawak and its people can thus eliminate huge difficulties.

May God Bless Sarawak

Priscilla Lau
Secretary General
Parti Bumi Kenyalang
Lawyer & Educationist

翻译 Translator

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