Many health experts are against the relaxation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to allow certain business sectors to operate their business. The government should learn a lesson from Hokkaido, Japan.

After the lockdown in northern region of Hokkaido in Japan was lifted on March 19, the lockdown has to be re-enforced within 26 days after it has been lifted. The lockdown is re-enforced after 135 new cases of Covid-19 were detected in the region within one week. The region is facing a second wave of covid-19 attack.

There should be no compromise at all by the government in this lockdown.

We cannot chose money as more precious than lives of the people. The love of money is greed and greed brings disaster. Those likely to die from Covid-19 will not be the capitalists, industrialists and entrepreneurs, but the workers or working class people.

Society should not allow the capitalists, industrialists and entrepreneurs to exploit the poor working class people to earn money for them when these working class people could easily be exposed to danger. The capitalists, industrialist and entreprenuers sit at home, reap the profit but when a worker die of covid-19 the poor worker may just receive a wreath to his grave. His family may just receive some words of comfort, that's all.

Please not to take profit at the expense of the poor. To save life is more important than to save the economy.

The choice now is in the hands of the government. Saving the economy at the expense of the lives of citizens is not advisable at the moment. The government's loss of revenue is not the concern of citizens because it is the government's duty to look for money and to spend them wisely. It is also the government's duty to look after the welfare of its citizens. Citizens had worked hard for the nation and paid taxes and these taxes should now be used to bail the citizens out from the problems caused by Covid-19.

We in Parti Bumi Kenyalang hope that more big companies and wealthy people will come forward to provide foods and daily necessities to those in need. We are willing to distribute them if there are donors.

May God Bless Sarawak

Raymond Thong
Director of Political Affairs,
Kuching & Kota Samarahan Divisions
Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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