May 13, 1969 was the darkest day in Malaysian history caused by racial riots in Kuala Lumpur, leaving many innocent lives dead in the streets. This led to a declaration of a state of national emergency by the King. This darkest day should be remembered and be told, especially, to the present generation who was unaware of this event. May the event serve as a reminder that Malaysia is a multiracial, multi ethnics and multi religious country.

No one race should dominate against another if we want peace and move forward and no one should play race politics.

To play race politics in Malaysia is very dangerous and may cause racial spark at any moment. All citizens must be reminded that if a racial riot happened, it will bring no good to society, but, fear, distrusts, discrimination in our society.

In fact, Malaysians, grow up and live in a culture of fear in the shadow of May 13.

Although Sarawakians of all races lived harmoniously since Malaysia was formed, this fear is always felt in Sarawak. This fear has been built in our political system and has remained a part of our psychology.

It saddened and caused fear to me to see some postings in social media at times bring race issues and race economy and the supremacy of one race over others.

The latest posting I could see in the social media led to a police report lodged on 12.05.2020 against the author of the article.
The author of the said article is very irresponsible because the article can create racial tensions between the dayaks and Malay melanau in Sarawak or even the whole of Borneo. Parti Bumi Kenyalang view that this is a very serious matter and should be stopped.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang is against racialism and it is for this reason, Parti Bumi Kenyalang had kept telling supporters and rivals that the party only knows one race, that is, the Sarawakian race from Bumi Kenyalang and are true blood “Anak Kenyalang”.
We don’t address ourselves as Chinese, Malays, iban, bidayuh, kelabit etc in the party and please do not address us in the party as such because our party members also do not accept a divided Sarawakian race in the party.
Please do not identify us by ethnic groups because it will not be healthy for Sarawak.

May God Bless Sarawak

Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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