The action of the police to stop and to seize the Crown Flag being displayed during 722 rally or assembly in Miri is seen by Sarawakians as act of arrogance. The Ketua Polis Daerah Miri needs to understand the sensitivity of the matter.

This Crown Flag of colonial days is special in the hearts of Sarawakians. The flag is sacred and of sentimental value full of history with sweat and tears. If the Ketua Polis Daerah is retired and chooses to settle in Sarawak, he may understand more the value of this Crown Flag to Sarawakians. The present Sarawak government may not adopt the Crown Flag as Sarawak's official flag, but, Malayans should understand the fact that the state government retains the colours of the colonial flag is significant of recognition of the present Sarawak government of the sensitivity of the flag among Sarawakians.

GPS government is urged to issue a statement concerning the high handed actions of the police to cool off the anger of Sarawakians.

The anger of Sarawakians concerning the disruptions of this 722 peaceful assembly will not be something good for GPS in coming elections. They will be punished severely by the people.

This 722 although is gazetted as Sarawak Independence Day it was done by the late CM Adenan Satem to remind Sarawakians of our struggles for independence when CM Adenan Satem in a video said we care for our independence.

722 is in fact an In Quest Of Independence Day, not Sarawak Independence Day and not Sarawak Day

Devora Chung
Director of Political Affairs Miri Division
Party Bumi Kenyalang

28 July 2020

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