Parti Bumi Kenyalang Publicity Secretary Arthur Wong reckoned: “Sarawak ruling alliance GPS is trying to create pre-election “feeling good” mood amongst Sarawak people by introducing red gas cylinder at similar price as yellow and green gas cylinders”.

Wong commented that “such GPS pre-election stunt met adverse online response from Sarawak people questioning the purpose of having another brand selling at the same price as the existing suppliers with no obvious benefit to Sarawak consumers.”

On the reason of having new Sarawak brand PETROS smaller in size cylinder therefore easier to transport to remote area, Wong stated that “even based on existing suppliers supply/delivery system, it can do the same if heart and mind is with Sarawak people in improving the delivery situation.” On PETROS’s plan to set up pipe-gas supply to every house in Kuching and nearby township, Wong questioned “why not doing the same and supply pipe gas to remote areas?”

Wong stated that “If PETROS red color cylinder gas could not benefit directly Sarawak consumers,Sarawak people have all the reasons to question the motive.“ Wong further commented that “Sin Chew Daily reported on 3 December 2020 that PETROS is going to sell cylinder gas to West Kalimantan (Indonesia) to counter cylinder gas smuggling. Sarawak Chief Minister did mention in a news briefing PETROS cylinder gas is selling at about RM26.60 is heavily subsidized (50%) as such could selling to Indonesia subsidized cylinder gas be equivalent to legalize smuggling unknowingly?” “Sarawak is burning away our natural gas daily at Similajau, why not capture it and supply it to Sarawak people at cost value?” Wong commented.

Wong reiterated that “Sarawak people are more interested to know whether Sarawak government owned any oil and gas fields and Sarawak people will be very disappointed if Sarawak government is yet to claim back Sarawak resources ownership especially oil and gas ownership and will treat such PETROS red gas cylinder introduction as a pre-election stunt”. Wong would like to know: “If PETROS does not have oil and gas fields, is it getting supply from PETRONAS? And would PETROS share its profit with Sarawak people?”

Arthur Wong
Parti Bumi Kenyalang Publicity Secretary