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The analysis of Dr. Nadrawina failed to take into consideration of the role played by the United Nations Security Council in maintaining peace and order in the world. If a country is attacked by another country, the United Nations Security Council will surely send armed forces to prevent the attack.

This was what happened when Kuwait was attacked by Iraq under Saddam Hussein in 1990 which led to a 35 strong nations led by the United States to liberate Kuwait under Operation Desert Storm. Kuwait was then liberated. The role of the United Nations is also to see that persons who started war against another country or who committed crimes against humanity and genocide be brought to International War Crimes Court of Justice or War Crimes Tribunal in Hague in the Netherlands. This War Crimes Tribunal has been in operations since 1 July 2002 and many World leaders have been prosecuted by this Court or Tribunal.

Recent war criminals that was brought to court include Rodovan Karadic during the Bosnian War.

In modern times, no one wants war and it is for this reason there are more than twenty countries in the world that have no organised army at all. These countries include Iceland, Monaco Costa Rico, Mauritius, Panama (whose army was abolished in 1990), Haiti, Nauru, Samoa and Solomon Islands.

Therefore, if Sarawak is an independent nation, there is no worry at all of military attack by any foreign countries. Brunei and Singapore are small in our region yet no country ever attacked them.

If there is external aggression against Malaysia it is likely Malaysia would be unable to defend itself. This is because Malaysia's defence is weak since Malaysia came into existence. The defence is weak because in our war arsenals, we had a submarine that was not fit for diving (see Malaysia Today, 11 February 2010). We also have only 4 out of the 28 Russian fighter jets that could fly (see NST Online 9 August 2018).

Besides armed forces from Australia, Britain and New Zealand, it was the Sarawak Rangers that helped to keep peace in Malaya during communist insurgency.

In a recent survey by some groups of individuals, they consistently found out that at least 90% of Sarawakians interviewed by them voiced their dissatisfaction to stay in Malaysia. They want to see Sarawak become an independent nation. Therefore, to say there would be internal aggression is misconceived. Dr. Nadrawina has to examine her analysis carefully because Dr Nadrawina being a respected academician did not come with her data to back what she said. Such a sweeping statement is not expected from an academician as public could be misled.

Again there is no worry for Sarawak to handle the economy. This is because Sarawak had ruled itself since the British left and Sarawak had been well managed. We have about RM31 billion reserves in the banks. We have many World outstanding Sarawakians who are outside the country wanting to come back to help Sarawak if political climate is good to all.

Revenues from our oil and gas is sufficient to feed every Sarawakian with simple lunch and dinner and perhaps for supper too. Most of our revenues went to Malaya and many said without Sabah and Sarawak, Malaya can easily go bankrupt.

By Peli Aron

翻译 Translator

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