Press Statement 6 July 2019

The question raised by YB Alice Lau Kiong Yieng (DAP-Lanang) concerning what action the government could take against those who called for cessation for Sarawak has annoyed many people of Sarawak against MP Alice Lau and DAP. Sarawakians have a right to voice their disappointments of mistreatments by the federal government against Sarawak.

The voices of the people become louder each day. Sarawakians are beginning to query whether MP Alice Lau, DAP and all Sarawakian elected Members of Parliament are supporting the people of Sarawak to exercise their international right to ensure that Sarawak becomes an independent nation by constitutional or legal means.

The question raised by YB Alice Lau and/or DAP in Parliament is seen as an attempt to curtail freedom of speech. By trying to curtail freedom of speech DAP is now seen by the public as making a U-turn of their stand concerning freedom of speech which they had championed for all these decades.

Sarawakians are increasingly unhappy with the many short changes by Malaya. We have lost our territorial waters, marine wealth, oil and gas revenues amongst many others.

Besides that, where is our revenues collected by customs, land transport, income tax and revenues collected by other government departments?

Being an MP for Sarawak, YB Alice and all Sarawakian elected Representatives are expected to speak for Sarawak and ask for the return of all revenues, that is, 100% of all revenues collected from our oil and gas. We need the money and Sarawak should not become a rich beggar.

If the money from our oil and gas is returned to us, part of these money could be used to develop the many slump areas in many parts of Sarawak.

The public is advised that there is a right by a legitimate political party like us (Parti Bumi Kenyalang) to educate the Sarawakian public of their rights to voice their opinions and concerns about the indiscriminate treatment by Malaya towards Sarawak.

Sarawakians need to be informed that Sarawak did not help to form Malaysia but Sarawak was given to Malaya as a gift by Britain. Tunku in a book, Conversations with Tunku Abdul Rahman by Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad at page 89 mentioned that singapore, Sabah and Sarawak were a gift from Britain. Tunku said

"The British could have given Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak independence, but they did not. Instead, they handed them to us.”

I believe Sarawakians want a direct representation from both PH & GPS on their stand on our call for independence:-

1. Does MP Alice Lau support our call for independence?
2. Does DAP support?
3. What is the PH Government stand on our call for independence? Is it the same as our ex PM Najib who said that the call to cessation by Sarawak and Sabah is non negotiable. So is it still non negotiable?
4. What is GPS’ elected Members of Parliament’s stand on our call to independence?
5. Most importantly, is the call to an international right of independence seditious too?

Priscilla Lau,
Secretary General 
Parti Bumi Kenyalang


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