I have been asked lately on the possibility of our Parti Bumi Kenyalang working with others in quest of Independence for Sarawak.

What I need to stress here is that local political parties which have a vision to see Sarawak becomes an independent nation, should be focused to achieve this vision according to the strategies they think best. There are a few strategies to achieve this and not all local parties and individuals share the same strategies.

Independence by way of referendum proposed by some leaders in SUPP is not conducive to our political environment. SUPP has even raised in a recent sitting in the Sarawak Legislative House for a referendum law to be passed. A referendum will unwittingly tie ourselves down to stay with Malaya perhaps for another one or two hundred years to come.

This is because our people do not at the moment, have the political maturity to decide on this matter yet. Political awareness of own rights is still wanting.

Another point is that, there is no legislation for a referendum and since there is none at the moment, why should we go to the messy process of a referendum?

Referendum is a legitimate process but will not necessarily lead us to our desired goal. Scotland failed in their quest for independence and now is seeking UK to allow them to have another opportunity for a referendum.

For independence, PBK can only consider to work with individuals and local political parties that share its strategies.

PBK in the quest of Independence may as part of its strategies follow Singapore's strategy to exit. That is, if negotiations fails to settle all political and economic differences, we should not hold further talk after time frame been given but to declare independence straight away.

GPS government should take this opportunity to exit on 9th April 2019 when recent negotiations have failed to amend Article 1(2) federal constitution. Sarawak therefore, had missed this opportunity. Kosovo unilaterally declared independence after Kosovo couldn't settle her political and economic differences with Serbia. The international court of justice advised that the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo was legal under International law.

Another strategy we should take is to seek the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on some *legal questions* inclusive, whether or not the Malaysia Agreement 1963 is valid. If not, Malaysia should be dissolved and Sarawak should be free to decide her own destiny.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang
30 July 2019


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