Pakatan Harapan was in power with YB Baru Bian and YB Chong Cheng Jin in the federal cabinet. PH was in power for 22 months. By being from PKR and DAP, YB Baru and YB Chong Chieng Jen were representing Malayan political parties when in government.

(Dayak Daily - Oct 10, 2020 @ 15:33 - 
By Adrian Lim)
KUCHING, Oct 10: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) is calling on the state government not to rush into holding the 12th state election which is due by June 2021.
Its president Voon Lee Shan in a statement said calling for the state election in the near future when the Covid-19 pandemic is still around is undemocratic and bad for Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) as well as inviting criticism from the opposition and the public.

Election is priority?

Sarawak government is in a fix in controlling the spread of Covid-19 in view of more Malayan political parties’ agents as well as agents of Malayan fund providers for local political parties, already in Sarawak on the ground to campaign for their Malayan political boss’s interests.

(By Nazmi Suhaimi - September 30, 2020)
KUCHING: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) has taken steps to ensure its members, if elected, does not defect the party mid-term, said its president Voon Lee Shan.

(PBK王振金 2020年9月26日 刊於星洲日报 标题:砂人需看清沙选举)

肯雅兰全民党中央委员兼泗里街省工作委员会主席王振金呼吁砂拉越人民看清楚并深入了解沙巴闪电选举所带来的宝贵讯息。他说,只要砂拉越人民能够在沙巴的闪电选举中种种课题中多加以分析,不难发觉到砂拉越的问题跟沙巴所面对的问题是一样的 。

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