Systematic discrimination, prejudice and inequality against the minorities, the poor, the powerless and the less fortunate are real daily happenings in Malaysia. We have also seen less respect to the rule of law and democracy in this land by people in power.

May 13, 1969 was the darkest day in Malaysian history caused by racial riots in Kuala Lumpur, leaving many innocent lives dead in the streets. This led to a declaration of a state of national emergency by the King. This darkest day should be remembered and be told, especially, to the present generation who was unaware of this event. May the event serve as a reminder that Malaysia is a multiracial, multi ethnics and multi religious country.

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 Reti NCR dalam jako Ribai:

' *Native Customary Rights* to land consisted of *rights* to cultivate the land, *rights* to the produce of the jungle, hunting and fishing *rights* , *rights* to use the land for burial and ceremonial purposes, and *rights* of inheritance and transfer.

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