Dr. Mahathir as mentioned in Malaysiakini is now worried that the Chinese may migrate and this could affect the economy

The robbers are few, the poor and hungry are plenty. It is time now the robbers have to be like Robin Hood - to give back what they had robbed to the poor and the hungry.

This press statement is in response to online forum participated by Economics professor Rajah Rasiah, Political Analyst Bridget Welsh, Dominique Ng Kim Ho of PKR Sarawak and Activist, Zainnal Ajamain of Sabah recently a few days ago (6th February Sabah News)

The recent upsurge of Covid19 cases in Sarawak caught Sarawak people off guard because all this while Sarawak had been known as “relatively clean with low positive cases” and may be because of the “outstanding” results Sarawak people and authority become complacent in the fight against Covid19 infection.

(Dayak Daily - By Adrian Lim - 2 Feb 2021) KUCHING, Feb 2: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) is calling on the state government to disband the operation of Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) and allow smallholders to run the oil palm plantation estates.

Sarawak Parti Bumi Kenyalang central committee Treasurer Tiew Yen Houng emphasized that in the period of the coronavirus pandemic, to revitalize the national economy, the priority should be to control the pandemic so as to create an economic environment that attracts investors.

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