Voonls Ps2sep21It is not correct for Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh of Parti Bersatu Sarawak in a press statement to say that Parti Bumi Kenyalang lacked a forward plan and policy beyond independence. We have many intelligent and professional people in the party and we believe we can steer Sarawak to be one the most prosperous country in this region, if Sarawak is under PBK.

Our target will be to uplift at least 30% of the people of Sarawak out poverty within three years after Sarawak gained independence from the federation. We shall target the young people or citizens by combining technology with business that we have planned now with very small investment capital. We shall teach these young citizens to fish and we shall not give fish to them unnecessarily because giving fish will make our finance stressful. Our business plan will give young entrepreneurs global income. Those who participated in it can do it from home or from any place they choose.

We are prepared to handle our economy because we know federal government will keep on oppressing and suppressing Sarawak, by not even give Sarawak a sen in development fund, especially, if PBK is the government for Sarawak.

Caused by Covid-19, we analyzed that food will be a weapon in the future. We plan to combine land in rural areas with technology, entrepreneurship skills and capital of business community to grow food crops and animal rearing in rural areas. We have plenty of flat fertile land, water and sunshine and we are confident we shall be able to boost the economy of the rural people after studying how China was able to uplift 800 million of her population out of poverty within thirty years.

China was able to uplift poverty by combining land outside cities with entrepreneurship, technology and capital.
We have plans to learn agriculture, fish and animal rearing skills from Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and even Israel. We shall target Kalimatan to market our agriculture produce because we foresee the $32 billion plan to move by Indonesia of her capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimatan will provide a good outlet for our agriculture produce with at least five million people will move to Kalimatan soon after the Indonesian capital be ready.
Besides uplifting our citizens from poverty, we have many plans to make Sarawak a peaceful and prosperous nation, if Sarawak is independent under Parti Bumi Kenyalang.

President, Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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