Voonls Ps2sep21On 16-9-2021 a Memorandum was issued by SAPA & SSRANZ to the Sarawak Government to open negotiations with the Federal Government for a referendum on Sarawak’s independence. PBK was stated to have endorsed the Memorandum.

PBK hereby put on record and clarifies for all intents and purposes that PBK only supports independence through Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI).

PBK’s stand was and is that if we form the Sarawak government, we shall be open to peaceful negotiations on the table to Sarawak’s independence and if terms and conditions are not suitable for us to continue to be in the federation, we should, as the next step, take the matter to DUN to declare independence by UDI - see how Kosovo did this in 2008.

If federal allows us to be independent on agreed terms, the Cabinet can declare independence- this was how LKY did it for Singapore in 1965.

Each day Sarawak is bleeding away her wealth of about half a billion Ringgit to Malaya and we must not wait any longer to take back our sovereignty by declaring our independence. GPS is in power now and should take advantage of that position to claim Sarawak’s independence and to prevent further loss of Sarawak’s wealth and rights to the federation. Sarawak cannot afford to waste a day.

PBK did not agree with the Memorandum in total because PBK’s stand has always been to gain independence through Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). However PBK chose to endorse the Memorandum to encourage CM to seek negotiations to claim Sarawak’s Independence because “Independence” is also PBK’s mission at the end of the day.

So in order to be able to sit at the table of discussion, PBK endorsed the Memorandum as far as “independence” and by way of "amicable negotiations” are concerned.

To realise the goal for independence should be a joint effort of all responsible Sarawakians and all differences should be set aside.

Other campaigners of Independence such as ASPIRASI, S4S, SIA etc were aware of the Memorandum but did not endorse the Memorandum. Could it be that ASPIRASI and the others who ignored or refused to or who did not endorse the Memorandum had abandoned their stand on referendum AND do not want any negotiations with federal to independence? Do they not want Sarawak to gain her independence by bringing it to the table like PBK did?

The major difference between Independence by IR and Independence by UDI is as follows:

1. with IR, Sarawak has to “beg” Federal Government to approve and enact laws before IR can proceed; and

2. whereas with UDI, the Sarawak Government can in her own Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) unilaterally declare independence through a simple majority show of hands.

PBK maintains and asserts that UDI is legally recognised under international law and is the fastest and safest internationally adopted method to Independence.

Voon Lee Shan
18 September 2021

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