A gentle reminder to Malaysian educationists: A school is not an arena of proselytisation. It is a garden of liberal learning, of curious young minds, exploring. A school is not a "medan dakwah" (a platform for preaching) and "dakwah" is not a neutral word. It is a theocratically-charged term. One who studies linguistics knows the nature of language and social construction of reality.


Mahathir is preaching selective values to the Muslims. Mahathir should also touch on Agreement, theft and corruption as part of the Islamic value as well. Your government fails Sabah and Sarawak, what Islamic value are you talking about? 

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(a) Introduction: ‘Partners of Equal Status’

SARAWAK came together with Sabah, Singapore, and Malaya, supposedly partners of equal status, to form Malaysia pursuant to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), with its territory, including its own Continental Shelf and all attached resources, intact.

It is likely the talk within PH that she should be the next PM as soon as she garnish enough support from PH MP ss well as consensus from current PM.
From the performance of Anwar since release from jail and pardoned by Agong, there is nothing there that could highlight him as next PM. He remains submissive to PM and wouldn't take the risk to speak his mind when political development is against interest of rakyat. Inevitably, rakyat will look for alternative and she is there and already DPM who is in position to take over. And she is "clean" and so far no known corruption allegation.

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