Government should be blamed for people’s health, not lifestyle. Health of persons is affected by physical, socio-economic, cultural and political factors. It is generally accepted that the socio-economic factors – especially education and income – are the most important determinant of population health status. Poor people with limited education generally have poor health. People with poor education normally will have problems to get proper job with stable income to help them to maintain their health. They simply could not get good and nutritious food to take care of their bodies. Had the government realize this?

The task of the government is to solve problems and could simply come with a statement or push the problems to the people but to examine holistically why people are not healthy.

Therefore, it is not correct to say that people’s lifestyle has something to do with the congestions in the hospital. What studies had the government done to determine how lifestyles of citizens had caused people to be sick? If eating is an issue, how much could people eat? Frequent meals may not necessarily cause people to be sick if the food they take is healthy. In fact, many do not have enough good food to eat and this could also affect their health. If there is a lack of exercise, what had the government done to overcome this? Had the government thought of putting mini gyms at strategic places or in the parks for people to de-stress?

People had found life is very challenging because of rising cost of living. They have been trying to make ends meet. Wrong policies of the government had caused the rising cost of living and people had suffered and been chasing after the rising cost. The stress of life had caused people to be sick. The government should for example, abolish or reduce taxes in many areas, such as to abolish or reduce road tax for motorcycles and small motorcars for first car buyers, to help the poor to reduce their stress.

Sugar is a “poison” and health experts had warned excessive use or intake of sugar can cause health problems like diabetes and obesity. The government should not think of profits for the entrepreneurs and income from taxes derived by the government from entrepreneurs who produce chemicals and commodities like sugar and flour. A law should be passed to curb the excessive use of sugar and other chemicals, especially, in soft drinks and food.

President, Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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