A Malay guy questioned his Indian friend, *what wrong of introducing Jawi/Khat lessons in Bahasa Malaysia* Instead of answering he invited his Malay friend to a restaurant and asked him to order his favourite food, and also order his.

Once the order came, the Indian guy ate the food order by his Malay friend, and when he asked, the Indian guy advised him to take his order instead. Then, the Indian guy ask Malay friend to order his favourite dessert, and also ordered his favourite. Once the ordered dish came, same thing happened, the Indian guy ate his Malay friend’s favourite dish instead of his. This time, Malay guy surprised and asked, and again, the Indian guy advised him to take his dish. The Malay guy got so pissed off and said to him with a harsh tone *Please do not force your dish on me, I know what I should eat, you eat your dish and I eat mine !!!”. The Indian guy answered with a smiling face, “See, just for the food I forced on you which going to defecate the next day, you’re getting angry, why must I not be angry when someone *FORCE* me to learn other language in my education which going to decide my future! *Who are you to decide which language should I learn* Learning other languages are not an issue but FORCING are an issue!”

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