Sarawak people has questioned the validity of Malaysia Agreement 1963 citing the agreement signed by an independent country (Federation of Malaya) and two colonies of Britain namely Sabah and Sarawak and because of the inequality in status of these three parties making the agreement null and void according to united nations rulings.

Msia History

17.09. 1957 is the Federation of Malaya (Federation of Malaya) registered in the United Nations as a member, not Malaysia. The territories of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak were included in the territory of the Federation of Malaya and Federation of Malaya was renamed Malaysia at the United Nations on 16.09.1963.


Deklarasi dalam penganugerahan kemerdekaan kepada negara koloni dan rakyat.

Sarawak pada dasarnya masih dalam proses untuk menjadi sebuah negara merdeka penuh.

Msia History

17.09. 1957 是马来亚联邦(Federation of Malaya)在联合国注册,非马来西亚。新加坡,沙巴,砂拉越领土被列入马来亚联邦版图后在16.09.1963 马来亚联邦在联合国改名为马来西亚。所以从来就没有一个新国家“马来西亚”注册成为联合国会员。就因为这样,马来亚联邦就是马来西亚, 马来西亚也就是说是马来亚联邦。新加坡在08.09.1965脱离马来亚联邦成为独立国家。

If this piece of news is anything near truth will be shocking to anyone in Malaysia and overseas because it is the compensation for the victims families which could be at least assisted the families financially owing to loss of family bread earners causing hardship to the families since Japanese invasion.

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