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肯雅兰之声是由一群关心砂拉越的未来发展的砂拉越人发起,目的是尽量为砂拉越人民提供即时的有关砂拉越的发展消息,一起从古至今了解砂拉越事实情况并探讨砂拉越未来的路何去何从。 砂拉越和沙巴人民最关心的是建立马来西亚的国际公约,就是马来西亚公约1963 (MA63)。这公约说明了马来西亚是由三邦成立,三邦就是砂拉越,沙巴和马来亚。没有砂拉越和沙巴就没有马来西亚。没有“马来西亚公约1963”也就没有马来西亚。


This website is established by a group of concern Sarawakian with the aim to provide latest news of Sarawak. Learning from the past and charting new path for the future. Sabah and Sarawak people main concern is the restoration of Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) which had been properly registered at United Nation (UN), and MA63 is the foundation of formation of Malaysia. During formation of Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya are equal partners therefore any ACTS, laws, regulation and policies passed in parliament (with the intention to restrict or nullify full function of Malaysia Agreement 1963)  are illegal and therefore are against the very foundation of formation of Malaysia at the disadvantage of Sarawak and Sabah with the intention to remove equal partners status of Sarawak and Sabah making Sabah and Sarawak one of the states in Malaysia.

Voonls Ps2sep21The nine of them who tendered their resignation as party members citing loss of confidence in the leadership through the press were Dr. Elli Luhat, Jeffrey Unggat, Baba Emperan, Sylvester Embuas, Ignatius J Bunsuan, Robert Saweng and Kenneth Adan Silek. Party leaders were aware of their desire to leave the party long time ago and had monitored their activities and network in political circles closely.

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It was not surprising to the party that they left and the party respect their wishes.

Dr.Elli Luhat applied to be a member and was more interested to introduce the Malaysia Agreement 1963 to people.

Party stand is that, Malaysia Agreement 1963 although printed on it with the Crown of UK government, was an invalid international agreement (Treaty) and Sarawakians should not buy the idea that the Treaty was valid because at the time the Treaty was signed, being still colonies of UK, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore had no legal capacity to sign the Treaty.

Dr. Elli Luhat, wanted to be the party candidate for N65 Belaga through some members of the Party, had not for reasons known to himself, signed the Candidates Agreement with the party.

Jeffrey Unggat was not a potential candidate and told party many months ago, he wanted to concentrate on his NGO.

Baba Emperan blow hot and cold wanted to be party candidate for N70 Samalaju and had not signed the Candidates Agreement. This had left great doubts of his sincerity to fight for the party cause.

Sylvester Embuas wanted to be a candidate for the party and asked to reserve N48 Meluan seat to him, but had not signed the Candidates Agreement.

Robert Saweng, Leo Bunsu, Lingga Atok and Joseph J Bunsuan had expressed their full heart to fight for Sarawak when they joined the party. Except for Leo Bunsu who was active for a while, Robert Saweng, Lingga Atok, Joseph J Bunsuan had not been active in their struggles for the party and for Sarawak. This left great doubts as to their ability to win seats allocated to them in the coming Sarawak Elections.

In the midst of searching for suitable party candidates to stand elections on party tickets many who offered themselves to fight for the party and for Sarawak failed in their Sincerity Test conducted by the party President.

Their credibility to fight for the party and for Sarawak was doubtful.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) is a nationalist party, and has no place for racialism and racists and no place for people looking for pastures to graze.

PBK don't give and is unable to give money and position to get people to come on board to contest on its ticket. We had made it clear to all who joined the party and they were asked to think very carefully before they officially joined the party and to offer themselves as candidates.

After joining the party, some in the party claimed to be president or chairman and leaders of certain group or unit in the party which was not provided for by party constitution. They even demanded change to party constitution and scrapping off the Candidates Agreement and or to change the clauses in the Agreement to suit them, in which, the party disallowed because of public sentiments against party hopping, especially, after being elected on party ticket.

The party fights for no single race or community, but, fight for Sarawak and for the Sarawakians race. There is no provision in the party constitution for anyone or group to strengthen or champion for the cause of any particular community, whether it is for the dayak, Bidayuh, malay, Chinese or orang ulu community. The fight for a particular community or race can breed disunity and racialism which the party is against because it was racialism and racial politics that split Sarawak people today and which had been skilfully engineered by selfish politicians to create one race, one religion supremacy to suppress and oppressed certain communities in Sarawak, leaving Sarawak, especially, rural areas, very backwards and undeveloped.

Until now, no one has been confirmed as candidates by the party, not even the President of the party.

The party reserves its legal rights and may take appropriate action at the appropriate time, against those who intends to destroy the party, its leaders and members.

Laws and party rules have to be followed.

We want honest people to fight for Sarawak, not people who wants to ride on the wave of In Quest Of Independence agenda by PBK to raise their marketability and see how much opponents going to offer them to get them to be turncoats.

Voon Lee Shan
2 September 2021

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