Constitution can abolish, limit and suspend prerogative powers. Therefore, prerogative powers in the hands of the King have to be exercised in accordance with the constitution. Constitution is supreme and no one could be above the constitution.

At present, the Attorney-General, who is also the public prosecutor, is empowered by Article 145(3) federal constitution to institute criminal proceedings could under this same Article, together with section 254 Criminal Procedure Code, discontinue or withdraw any criminal proceedings that are before the court.

The MA63 suit filed in court is utmost important to determine the future of Sabah and Sarawak. If the MA63 is declared null and void or could be invalidated due to willful breaches, the federation could be dissolved. But the political will of the GPS government is to see Sarawak stay in Malaysia.

Dato Harun was also convicted for a corruption case when he brought in Mohammad Ali to Malaysia for the boxing event again Joe Bugner. The fight was organised to raise fund for UMNO.

Prime minister had announced that if Aidilfitri falls on Saturday, the additional public holiday will be fixed for Friday, while the Raya public holiday falls on Monday. This is good news for working people, but, if one thinks carefully, this is not good news to working people, if there are too many leave and holidays in the country. This is because leave and holidays can affect the economy and cause inflation.

In a joint NGO statement, Daniel Jambun President of the Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (BoPiMaFo) and Robert Pei, President of Sabah Sarawak Rights Australia New Zealand (SSRANZ), have praised Armizan Ali, the Sabah and Sarawak Affairs Minister for his statement on the belated implementation of MA63 reported by Free Malaysia Today on 11 April 2023.

A person’s race is not a choice by man, but, by God. If God chose you be born a Malay, then, you should be proud to be a Malay, but you could not force or tell others to change their race. Likewise, if you are born an Indian, then, you should be proud to be an Indian. The same also goes to all people because a person’s race is not a choice by man but by God.

How do we become an independent nation? According to international practice, the following measures and conditions are necessary to achieving independence:


*Norway has oil.*   *Malaysia has more oil.*

When oil and gas and tax revenue taken by Petronas and federal government how to have autonomy and self government and if you have colonial type of master breathing behind your neck dictating what you should or should not do?

Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Dato Sri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said "the number of new business entities registered is far more than those closed due to effects of Covid-19 pandemic."

By not letting public especially Sabah and Sarawak people know the contents of  final report of the Cabinet Special Committee on Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and what's in the pipeline to benefit or not benefiting Sabah and Sarawak people, it is lack of transparency and Sabah and Sarawak people have all the reasons to suspect something no good have been agreed upon against both territories interest.

Before discussing the issue of Sarawak’s independence, let’s ask ourselves: Am I a Sarawakian? Do we want to change foreign exploitation and the plight of more than half a century?


The Borneo Post news report “Covid-19 pandemic shouldn’t deter Sarawak from holding polls soon, say analysts” (9 Oct 2020) is really amazing as the argument implied “Don’t mind Covid-19 Pandemic win the election first at all cost”.


Muhyiddin Yassin is the 8th Malaysia PM? At this minute his rival claimed to have maj ority MPs. It seems political development in Malaysia is more exciting than soap opera.

Seorang anggota masyarakat yang mendakwa bahawa beliau adalah bekas ahli PRS di GPS menyuarakan ketidakpuasannya terhadap Malaya dan kerajaan GPS sekarang mengenai kehilangan tanah NCR. Lelaki ini menjawab soalan yang dibangkitkan oleh seorang tempatan di Lundu dari lantai semasa Coffeeshop Talk di Lundu malam tadi. Syarikat-syarikat Malayan berada di ambang pintu kami ke tanah NCR

The purpose of getting back gas distribution rights should be for the benefit of Sarawak people including restaurants and industrial sectors in term of cheaper gas. If the pricing same as Petronas and Shell gas for Sarawak what's there to shout about?

Yes, that is the question many Sarawakians asked. We are supposed to be as rich, if not richer than, as Brunei and Dubai people but what has happened to our natural resources especially oil and gas ?

Parti Bumi Kenyalang

KUCHING: If the Federation was not established pursuant to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), then Sabah and Sarawak are not bound by its Constitution and the two countries are not part of Malaysia, says Sabah Sarawak Rights Australia New Zealand (SSRANZ) president Robert Pei.

The call for referendum is not simple as one would like to believe. You need to be Sarawak government and the government must be people's interest oriented and willingly table and pass "Referendum Ordinance" in DUN with all the terms and conditions and implementation system properly written into "Referendum Ordinance". This first step is a time consuming process.

The federal parliament can pass any law that affect the rights of Sabah and Sarawak even though the legislation could be unconstitutional. All legislations passed by Parliament are presumed constitutional until set aside by court or repealed by Parliament. What will happen if litigants have no resources to bring the matter to court to declare the law unconstitutional or the court may just differ in opinion of the aggrieved party?

AMAT luar biasa itulah ayat yang mampu menggambarkan semangat kenyalang yang meresap di sidang mesyuarat Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak pada kali ini. Boleh dikatakan hampir setiap hari sidang mesyuarat begitu “panas” dengan perdebatan daripada para ADUN GPS dan juga PH. Selain membawa isu-isu mutakhir di kawasan masing-masing, para ADUN juga setakat ini memberikan pandangan masing-masing tentang apa yang berlaku sekarang.

PH government is no longer people friendly government but tax collectors?

It seems to be the case when their eyes only focus on how to squeeze an extra Ringgit out of Malaysian citizen.

“It won’t be a celebration, more of a reflection.”
That is how a senior member of Malaysia’s government described the televised speech Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is expected to deliver on May 9, the first anniversary of the Pakatan Harapan coalition’s stunning election win.

Before Rakyat put him in minister post he talked with no fear and with principle. Sadly after becoming minister he would not talk like this anymore. What is happening to him? He is a Sarawakian and yet he no longer dares to champion Sarawak's interest and rights. Disappointed by such drastic change of attitude and behavior. Is he still anak Sarawak?

The political maneuver setting the trap for Sabah and Sarawak ministers of Parliament to fall in?
Surely anyone can see that the proposed amendment bill gives no changes to Federal Constitution and it merely restructuring the sentence.

Nurul Izzah Anwar’s misgivings about Mahathir, aired in an interview she gave to Singapore’s Straits Times, has been both condemned and praised for calling Dr Mahathir Mohamad a former dictator and a person who is very difficult to work with.

Unfortunately, less attention has been given to some of the reasons for her dissatisfaction, which is of greater importance to what is happening in our country. As she further said in the interview the government, led by Mahathir, has not done enough to embolden moderates.

North Borneo is a rich state. It has a large petroleum and gas field, coal and other natural resources. North Borneo’s GDP for 2016 is RM73.8 Billion (USD 18.9 Billion). If North Borneo is a rich state, why does it look poorer and more backwards than most of the states in the Malaysian Peninsula?


Sabah and Sarawak people are excited by the move by PH leaders and Sarawak government intention to regain full autonomy through amendment of Malaysia constitution but when Wilayah is used to refer to both Sarawak and Sabah instead of a nation in the amendment of Malaysia Constitution it has confused Sabah and Sarawak people.

I REMEMBER more than a year ago feeling dizzy because I thought the world had turned upside down. Things that used to be true were then declared fake, values that used to be upheld were discarded and their opposites lauded instead.

Let us listen to Zainnal.

Zainnal AjamainEvery body in malaya complicit to pilihan and plunder Sabah and Sarawak wealth for 52 yrs and enjoyed their fruits of theivery at the expense of the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Is that your version of being better?

The video is the reminder of how Sarawak has gone through all these years and despite of petroleum producing country,development is at a very slow pace while we witnessed Twin Tower and PutraJaya construction in Malaya. Sarawak people needs to protect Sarawak Autonomy and rights under Malaysia Agreement 1963 for better future.

 This is a long letter I received from a teacher in Pahang. She is giving first hand feedback about the situation in the sekolah kebangsaan or government schools. They have become religious ghettos.

In what may well be a prelude to a significant policy shift, PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has taken to warning Malays that they are being left behind, that they are not on par with other races, that they are increasingly confined to the urban fringes where infrastructure is poor.

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