This is a long letter I received from a teacher in Pahang. She is giving first hand feedback about the situation in the sekolah kebangsaan or government schools. They have become religious ghettos.

Good evening Mr Syed,

Haven’t written to you in some time. Busy with the new school term. Kind of really disappointed that there are hardly any changes made to the education curriculum. Was so hoping that Maths and Science will be changed to English. 

It shouldn’t be that difficult as there are currently DLP programs (Dual Language Program) in schools which have chosen maths and science in English albeit a small selection of schools. So it would have been good to make it compulsory to have Maths and Science in English in all SK schools. 

As long as it is not compulsory the schools will not comply with it just like DLP now. My school is one of the top schools in K – – – – Mr Syed. 

And when the school head had a vote for DLP all the teachers (sadly all Malays) said that they were unwilling to teach in English as they did not feel confident in that language. So my school did not opt for DLP although it is one of the schools that is a good candidate for having DLP. 

The irony is Mr Syed, these teachers were all under the PPSMI program earlier which Tun M had introduced whereby Maths and Science was in English. So they had the experience in teaching in English and would not have had encountered any problems. But yet they gave a silly excuse of no confidence. I had to just shake my head upon listening to them. 

And the best part you know Mr Syed, why they were having no problem with teaching English earlier and not now? Cause earlier Tun had announced a 5-10% allowance for all Maths, Science and English teachers. So at that time they were falling over themselves volunteering to teach Maths and Science in English. 

But now, since there’s no moolah to be made, the teachers’ attitude is why should I bother and do extra when there is nothing in it for me. So you see Mr Syed, sometimes teachers are at fault. And my school head agrees with the teachers although I had debated with him the pros of having Maths and Science in English. 

It was just no – because then the Bahasa Kebangsaan usage will be affected. What can you do with such educationists.

Second issue is the pendidikan Islam subject. Was hoping that this too could have been looked into by the new term. It is not so difficult just to cut down the periods. 

Instead we still have 

6 periods of Pendidikan Islam. 
3 periods of Bahasa Arab. 
2 periods of Tasmik. 

11 periods a week. The most among all the subjects. 

BM and English (together) have 10, much less. Science has a mere 3 periods. Go figure. 

And to my amazement, one of the first things on the agenda for this year’s staff meeting was to announce that the PPD (district education office) has implemented a new program. Naqeeb and Naqeebah (I am not too sure of the spelling). 

It’s a mentoring program for the ustaz and ustazahs in school to carry out. They are each to take certain amount of students as their mentees. All to make sure the students master the Islamic Studies and Quran. 

Unfortunately we do not hear any such programs being done for the important subjects like English, Maths and Science. It is like everyone has just one agenda. To memperkasakan Pendidikan Islam in SK schools.

I really do not know where are we heading with our school curriculum. 
It is getting worse by the day. 
And unless some drastic changes are done to it SK schools are going to be religious schools. 

As it is, my school, a missionary school is also having problem getting the non Muslim students. Their enrolment is dwindling by the year. And it is a sad thing to see. Hopefully we see some changes soon. Sorry for my ramblings and rantings Mr Syed. Have a nice day.

My comments : Thank you for this information. I further asked this teacher from Pahang to clarify what the non Muslim students do when the Malay students are studying 11 periods of agama, bahasa arab, tasmik etc every week. Here is her reply :

For me I am a year 6 teacher Mr Syed…so for the (non Muslim) year 6 students during Pendidikan Islam they have moral…during bahasa arab they have extra classes with their science, maths, BM or English teachers. Or sometimes they come to the self access learning centre and surf the internet to do online learning. Tasmik is carried out an hour after school dismissal for my school. So non Muslim students are allowed to go back. And Muslim students carry on an hour of tasmik.

My comments : I checked with another teacher here in Petaling Jaya who said the same. She said that in her school :

“We have agama, tasmik, Quran, and Arab lessons.

Agama 6 periods 
Tasmik 2 periods 
Arab 3 periods 
Ulum 2 periods

(That is 13 periods of agama related classes).

The most no of periods compared to other subjects”

I dont think even Saudi Arabia, Iran or the Taliban in Afghanistan have as many religious classes in their government schools.

Tuan-tuan, anak Melayu menghabiskan 11 hingga 13 waktu kelas seminggu untuk belajar agama yang mana anak tuan-tuan “tidak boleh menggunakan akal”.

Sebab mengikut ustad, memang agama itu adalah perkara yang tidak boleh digunakan akal untuk memahaminya. 

Pada masa yang sama, anak-anak bukan Melayu pula menghabiskan 10 waktu kelas ‘tambahan’ Bahasa Inggeris, Sains, Matematik, Bahasa Melayu, Moral dsbnya.



Jadi setiap minggu, setiap tahun dan untuk bertahun-tahun lamanya (dari darjah satu hingga ke tingkatan lima ia itu selama 11 tahun) anak-anak bukan Melayu memenuhi dada mereka selama 11 waktu pelajaran setiap minggu untuk mempelajari ilmu tambahan dalam Sains, Matematik, Bahasa Inggeris, Moral, BM dsbnya. Mata pelajaran ini semuanya perlu penggunaan akal.


Sebaliknya anak-anak tuan-tuan pula menghabiskan masa yang sama untuk mempelajari perkara yang ‘tidak boleh digunakan akal untuk memahaminya’. Itulah ajaran agama.

So tuan-tuan dan puan-puan ibu bapa Melayu dan Islam – fahamilah kenapa anak-anak tuan-tuan hanya boleh memenuhi jawatan kerajaan, di syarikat kerajaan dan syarikat monopoli kepunyaan kerajaan (MAS, TNB, Maybank dsbnya) yang tidak perlu bersaing. Tetapi fahamilah bahawa setiap tahun kerajaan boleh menyediakan hanya beberapa ribu jawatan kosong sahaja. Tetapi setiap tahun beratusan ribu anak muda masuk ke dalam labour force kita – untuk mencari kerja.

Bukan semua anak-anak tuan-tuan boleh dapat jawatan kerajaan. 

Fahamilah bahawa syarikat swasta kepunyaan bukan Islam, syarikat kepunyaan orang asing dan lain-lain menawarkan jauh lebih banyak peluang pekerjaan daripada bekerja dengan kerajaan. Tetapi mereka lebih memerlukan kepada pekerja yang mempunyai kelulusan yang berguna. Kelulusan dan pendidikan yang boleh menghasilkan produck dan perkhidmatan yang baik. Lulus agama tidak boleh baiki komputer. Atau faham perniagaan. Kalau tidak percaya lihatlah Menteri Pendidikan. Dia adalah kelulusan agama. Menteri yang paling dungu.

Fahamilah bahawa akhir sekali anak-anak tuan-tuan akan menjadi pekerja ‘low level’ sahaja seumur hidup mereka. 

Maka janganlah membakar kelambu, membakar rumah sendiri, membuat demonstrasi jalanan tak tentu hala atau menjerit dan melolong jika pada satu masa depan nanti anak-anak tuan-tuan tipis peluang hidup, susah cari kerja, kurang pendapatan, niaga tak maju, tak tahu majukan niaga, tak tahu memikir, tidak dapat bersaing, tak tahu cara bergaul dengan manusia lain, menjadi sosial misfit di pentas dunia (menolak ICERD) dan sebagainya.

(To digress – di atas muka bumi Allah swt ini hanya ada DUA buah negara Melayu Islam ia itu Brunei dan Malaysia. Kedua negara Melayu Islam ini menolak ICERD. Talk about being international social misfits. 

Dalam seluruh dunia, hanya EMPAT buah negara menolak ICERD ia itu North Korea, Nauru, Malaysia dan Brunei. Maksudnya 50% daripada negara yang menolak ICERD adalah negara Melayu Islam. Eloklah tu. Satu dunia ketawakan kita. Kita duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi dengan North Korea dan Nauru. Very good. Tahniah.)

Back to Tun Dr Mahathir, there is a huge tikus that has entered through our backdoor. While we are building superhighways, skyscrapers, ports, cities etc there is a tikus that is quietly eating away at the labu from the backdoor. Quietly destroying everything that we have built. Quietly destroying the Malay society. This tikus besar is the religion infested sekolah kebangsaan.

According to the ustad fellows religion is a “tidak boleh menggunakan akal” proposition. And yet we are teaching 11 to 13 periods a week of ‘tidak boleh menggunakan akal’ subjects to Malay Muslim children.

While at the same time the non Muslim kids are filling their minds with moral studies, extra classes in science, maths, BM and English. Or self learning centers where they surf the Internet. Or they go home one hour earlier than the Malay Muslim kids.

Since the tasmik classes are held AFTER school hours, this also means Malay Muslim parents must come an hour later, the bus sekolah must come an hour later, their children are hungrier because lunch is delayed an extra hour and so on.

Both the teacher in Pahang and that parent in Kelantan (in Part 1 earlier) are hoping that the new PH government will change this.


11 periods of agama related classes, tasmik, bahasa arab, then solat hajat, solat zuhur etc etc means that the majority of the teaching force in the sekolah kebangsaan are now graduates of madrassah, sekolah pondok, sekolah tahfiz, Deoband, Al Azhar, Sudan, Jordan and from other “sh-t hole” countries.

  • These teachers with agama backgrounds now form the majority of our sekolah kebangsaan teachers.
  • So this means that very soon gurubesar and pengetua sekolah kebangsaan will also be from this religious studies group.
  • religious Ultimately the entire Ministry of Education will also be from this group.
  • The Minister of Education is already a jihadi.
  • This is the angkatan tentera “tidak boleh menggunakan akal”.

I also found out that in many schools, the cikgu agama have assistant teachers to teach them. Meaning there are TWO cikgu agama to teach one class at the same time. 

Whereas in the same school the Science, Maths and English teachers are alone, they have no assistant teachers to help them. This country is wasting its resources on guru agama and ignoring the guru sains, matematik dan Bahasa Inggeris. 

Percayalah – anak-anak tuan-tuan akan menjadi kuli dan buruh – termasuk di negeri orang lain.

1years ago, in my FIRST face to face meeting with Dr Mahathir – in the PM’s office in Putrajaya – I told Dr Mahathir that he was the cause of the religious rot creeping into the country. I told Dr Mahathir he was responsible for creating the JAKIM, IKIM, IISTAC, expanding the mahkamah syariah network, etc etc.

He had also brought in Brader Anwar and the Ikhwan Muslimin into Malaysia. For almost 15 years Brader Anwar introduced the religious cancer into the country.

Dr Mahathir asked me ‘So what should I do?” 
That was the moment I was waiting for. 

I told Dr Mahathir : ‘stop manufacturing these religious graduates. Stop populating the government departments with these religious people’. Stop sending young people to study at so many of these religious institutions here and overseas. Once you stop manufacturing them, then their influence will automatically die away. 

Soon after that Dr Mahathir stopped government funding for the sekolah agama rakyats. University Malaya also shut down their Fakulti Pengajian Islam in Nilam Puri, Kelantan.

Then DISASTER. Three years later Dr Mahathir retired (in 2003). 

Then Badawi came in – ‘saya mencari Imam Shafie’ took over. Jahanam.
Then Super Moron came in – the Salafis and Saudis flew into the country. 
(Now Zakir Naik is here).

A great disaster has befallen the Malays and the Muslims in this country. A very great disaster.

In conclusion I would like to share an old story with Dr Mahathir (its actually supposed to be a hadith) which my father told me when I was a very young boy. I have mentioned this story before. This hadith is actually about a prayer or doa that one should recite to chase away the temptations of the devil. 

The story goes that one day while the prophet was walking in the street a man came and befriended the prophet. The man asked to walk with the prophet. When the prophet asked him who he was the man became evasive. The man said that if he identified himself, the prophet would become angry. The prophet reassured the man that he would not. The man insisted he would reveal his identity only if the prophet promised not to get upset or angry. The prophet promised him and the man said that he was the devil, the syaitan. The prophet instinctively wanted to recite the special prayer but again the man reminded the prophet of his promise.

Then the man said that he just wanted to walk with the prophet for a while to prove that the devil (syaitan) was not always evil. The prophet said ok and they walked along. Then they came to a stall selling drinks and the devil told the prophet ‘let us have a drink here’. Which they did. The man put down his cup and then wiped a wet finger on the counter of the drinks stall. Immediately a fly came and set on the sticky residue. Then a lizard came to catch the fly. A cat (the typical restaurant cat) came and tried to catch the lizard. Then a dog jumped out of nowhere and tried to catch the cat. The whole drinks stall was overturned. The prophet looked at the devil and said, ‘there is nothing good to be gained from your presence’ and then he recited the special prayer to chase away the devil. 

The moral of this story is : The shaytan or satan can never bring any good. The satan will only bring calamity and disaster. It is like cancer or radioactivity. They both kill. You just cannot treat radioactivity. You can only contain it and make sure it never pops out into the open. 

In his second term as PM I hope Tun Dr Mahathir can see better what is good and what is bad. Let us thank Allah for this second chance in power. We will not get a third chance.

Source: – BlogLovin

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