Instead of trying to request for much needed federal fund, they are trying to get Sarawak Government to pay for federal expenses in view of  failure of federal government in allocating similar amount of fund given by previous BN government. The Minister of Parliament, CCJ is very creative in switching federal government responsibility to Sarawak government without feeling any guilt in doing so.

A Good write-up of Teck Wan Kho 

In this Chinese press release, the Malaysia Assistant Minister of Domestic Trade YB Chong had implied that Sarawak can afford to build private hospital in W. M’sia, therefore should be able to afford grass cutting cost on federal roads.

Reminded me of a FB posting by Jacky Loo about the definition of rich and poor. So my question to YB Chong is exactly that. Prior to GE 14, Sarawak was labelled as the poorest and most backward by PH, all due to corruption.

After PH become the Malaysia Government, we are now being told Sarawak is rich, therefore should pay for our own education, roads, and now grass cutting.

Should Sarawakian still pay road tax to Federal Government next year?

看了这篇新闻稿,我想起几个星期前读到 Jacky Loo 在FB 分享的“贫与富的定义“。
14 届大选前希盟说因为贪污,砂拉越是最穷的。

Dalam siaran akhbar Cina ini, Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri YB Chong telah menyatakan bahawa Sarawak boleh membina hospital swata in S.M’sia, takkan tak mampu menangung kos memotong rumput di jalan persekutuan.

Jadi soalan saya kepada YB Chong adalah sedemikian: Sebelum PRU14, Sarawak dilebelkan sebagai partner yang termiskin dan paling mundur oleh PH— akibat rasuah.

Selepas PH menjadi Kerajaan, kita kini diberitahu bahawa Sarawak kaya, oleh itu haruslah menaggung kos pendidikan, memperbaiki jalan raya, dan memotong rumput di Jalan persekutuan.

Orang Sarawak masih kena bayar cukai jalan kepada Kerajaan Persekutuan tahun depan ke?


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