Muhyiddin Yassin is the 8th Malaysia PM? At this minute his rival claimed to have maj ority MPs. It seems political development in Malaysia is more exciting than soap opera.

PH MP's inevitably will feel lost especially from a federal Minister to nobody all because of the power struggle within own PH alliance. Rakyat definitely now become speechless seeing their hope for fair and better new Malaysia dashed starting from day one until today dramatic end of PH ruling. PH broke Malaysia record to have less than one term (5years) life span (20 months).

It was a breath taking sight to have political frogs spring up from all directions and at time you lose track of which party they reside currently.

Besides self interest of political leaders within PH, the "evil" strategy of UMNO and PAS that tempted PH froggers to jump over for greener pasture could be one of essential force to prematurely end PH ruling.

With such undesirable political development in Malaysia perhaps it is time to dig out from aged political closet the ancient proposal of "anti hopping law" with the intention to stop all politicians from mutating into froggers hence ensuring current political chaos shall not repeat. Only then rakyat interest protected and politicians will be responsible for their action morally.

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