Dun Building The Borneo Post news report “Covid-19 pandemic shouldn’t deter Sarawak from holding polls soon, say analysts” (9 Oct 2020) is really amazing as the argument implied “Don’t mind Covid-19 Pandemic win the election first at all cost”.

Sarawakian likely will view the news report equipped with self-declared “political analyst” comments as irresponsible as its conclusion is clearly encouraging EC to go ahead with the Sarawak election “in favour” of GPS without any concern of the possible death caused by possible surge in Covid-19 as the case in Sabah. When such situation do arise will we call the Covid-19 cluster “Politics cluster”? Why the rush when Sarawak election can be called before Jul 2021 and Covid-19 vaccine will be ready most likely end of 2020?

It could be equally irresponsible to suggest that Sarawak people affected or infected by Covid-19 should claim from EC and Sarawak government for calling Sarawak Election despite sever surge of Covid-19. But what would stop Sarawak people from doing that to lighten their financial burden if they could treat election as another celebration and another source of monetary gains?

How much should Sarawak people claim from negligence of EC and Sarawak government, if any? At least RM1 Million per person infected by Covid-19 and RM10 Million per life? If severely affected by misjudgment of the call of Sarawak election ended with lockdown, would business firms and industries file claim against EC and Sarawak government?

Sarawak election is like a prism of truth that will show the real color/nature of politicians and their spoke persons. Sarawak election is not everything, Rakyat’s welfare, health and life should be the priority. If these politicians could not get their priority right don’t waste your votes on them.

Arthur Wong
Publicity and Information Chief
Parti Bumi Kenyalang Central Committee

09 October 2020

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Covid-19 pandemic shouldn’t deter Sarawak from holding polls soon, say analysts

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