Voon8Nov2022Corruption is disgusting and it is a cancer that can cause the collapse of society and nation. Corruption and bribery could be committed in many ways and unknown to many the giving of free food, drinks, wine and entertainment to voters in the pretext of rendering help and make you happy is an offence under the law.

You could observe that food packages and money freely given to you may come with photos of politicians and political parties and even to say that it is from the government at this point of time during elections. These are all forms of bribery to influence your minds to vote for them or for the regime. You can report this to the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) for their actions.

Political strategies of politicians, especially those who are in power or rich are to keep citizens poor so that citizens will always be happy to get free food, drinks and other pleasantries from them not realising that things are not free but can destroy society and nation.

Do not be too happy about it because nothing in this world is free. You take it free but these politicians who gave you all food packages and "angpow" don't come with free. For all things they gave to you cost them lots of money and they will find ways to recover them back. To them it is a bait in the hope you support to vote them into power.

Citizens must know that power is that can give them influence and money. Once they have power or money, they can secure lots of benefits for themselves like government projects given or allocated to them. This helps to enrich themselves at your expense.

When in power, these politicians especially if they are made ministers could be given "kickbacks" by bidders to approve or allocate government projects to their cronies and supporters. These cronies and supporters could also be people who bribed you with free food, drinks, money and all pleasantries to entice you to vote the minister back into power.

Your voters are precious and is not a commodity for auction. I know many of you vote those who can offer you more food and money. You can destroy yourself, society and nation is you fall into their trap.

I beg you are to vote wisely.

What you all have read and know Anthony Loke said there is no problem for DAP'to work with UMNO. Chong Chieng Jen of DAP Sarawak said DAP can work with any party and we should not discount the possibility of DAP working with GPS, UMNO and PAS.

For GPS they are willing to work with any peninsula political parties to determine the next federal government except with DAP.

My question is are DAP and GPS concerned whether welfare of people is more important than to be in power?

Therefore citizens should not get things free and fall into their trap.

Voon Lee Shan
President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

翻译 Translator

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