PBK had a loose collaboration with PSB during the last Malaysian General Elections. We thought it could be a starting point for shaping the political scenario in Sarawak and had hoped the collaboration would last but it did not work the way we wanted.

PSB never started as an oposition or as an outsider of the government. They were used to power and privileges they had enjoyed and it's natural that they wish to be back with the government. Perhaps they also know it's tough to stay outside the government as it is a different environment.

I can see the merger between PSB and PDP is necessary for political survival of their leaders and I doubt will be beneficial to the people of Sarawak. This is because the people of Sarawak is left with little to choose on how to fight or to unseat GPS government. Now it is only left to PBK to spearhead the challenge to unseat GPS government.

The purpose of the merger is also to weaken the opposition.

PBK is not perturbed by the latest political scenario in Sarawak because PBK's mission is not a short-cut political journey to set Sarawak free and independent. This is because we know in all quests for independence in any parts of the world, the journey is full of treachery.

But we strongly believe a day will come that Sarawak will be an independent nation again. This is because in all things there is a beginning and an ending.

Although our relationship with PSB didn't last or work towards the direction we want, PBK is not sad about it as the parting of ways with PSB was expected. We wish them good luck.

Voon Lee Shan

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

26 December 2023

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