In past one year, there were many discussions and debates about the office governorship of Sarawak. I observed Dayak community is calling for a Dayak to be the next governor of Sarawak in the event our governor retires.

Don’t dream! Enough been said about this and we will get nowhere! Don’t waste your time and energy but just move forward! There was a plan never to allow a Dayak to be the governor (now TYT) and this was planned even before Malaysia was formed. Jugah wanted to be the governor but Malaya was not agreeable to his demands despite this was supported by Stephen Kalong Ningkan. Jugah even threatened to pull out from the Malaysia Plan but he was talked to cool down.

Jugah then had to settle as the Federal Minister for Sarawak Affairs, based in Sarawak. This also could mean Jugah had no office in Kuala Lumpur? Please read the research work of Professor Michael Leigh. The book, The Rising Moon by Prof Michael Leigh is a good read.

Then Tun Openg became the governor. In fact, an UMNO man nearly became the governor of Sarawak before Tun Openg.

Stephen Kalong Ningkan was on the rock not long after becoming Chief Minister and then was removed as Chief Minister of Sarawak. It was said Taib had enough numbers in his pocket to take over Ningkan, but, somehow rather, Penghulu Tawi Sli was made Chief Minister to take over from Ningkan – see pages 104-105 The Rising Moon.

In fact, it was not Ningkan that was the choice to be the first Chief Minister, if I could recall what I read. If I recalled correctly, Rahman Yakub was the choice to be Chief Minister but he could not make it because he lost his local elections – please see pages 78-78 The Rising Moon.

Some twenty years ago, the Sarawak Constitution was amended and my understanding is that, correct me if I am wrong, it was amended in such a way that to be the governor, the person has to be a muslim because Art.1 of the Sarawak Constitution states that the post of TYT has to be appointed by Agong and by Art.4A of the Sarawak Constitution, Agong shall be the Head of the religion of Islam in Sarawak. Reading both Articles 1 and 4A together, this gives the implication that the governor has to be a muslim because it could not be logical for Agong to appoint a non-muslim to be governor to represent Agong as Head of the religion of Islam in Sarawak.

A recent amendment to the Sarawak Constitution as Article 1(3) also saw the Speaker of the Undangan Negeri to be acting governor if the governor is unable to perform his official duties. For the Speaker to act as acting governor also has to be appointed by Agong.

Therefore, the door is closed!

The solution now is to put a pro Sarawak nationalist party to take over the Sarawak government to reverse the whole thing and give back what is due to Sarawakians without interference from Malaya.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang is the only party at the moment that is fighting for Sarawak freedom and independence from the federation of Malaysia. There was a fight for independence during SNAP’s time during Ningkan crisis.

A banner read, We support Dato Ningkan! If Dato Ningkan toppled, we secede from Malaysia. – see page 103 The Rising Moon

The book, The Rising Moon is no more available in local book stores but can get from Amazon

God save Sarawak!

15 NOVEMBER, 2023

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