Nothing is perfect in politics but the team assembled by the honourable prime minister Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim should be lauded for his efforts to come with a team that could compromise the differences of ideologies of all political parties that helped to form this Unity Cabinet.

The whole team was picked with the mission to clear the national debts and to save the nation's economy first and to leave all political differences aside. It is hope that politicking in the Cabinet will be kept to the minimum and the focus is to save the economy and seek a common good for all citizens.

Since the mission is to clear national debts and to save the nation's economy, "goodies" for the state could be compromised.

I could not see Sarawak will get any increment of its annual budget under this Unity Cabinet/government. All years Sarawak normally got less than RM5 billion as its annual budget from the federal government. Without adequate funds, development in Sarawak would be slow.

Therefore, Sarawak First will be a far distant aspiration or an impossible political mission by GPS government.

It would also be unlikely under this Unity government that Sarawak government can get the 50% return of all revenues taken by the federal government as promised by Pakatan Harapan during 14th General Elections. This right to revenue taken by the federal government from Sarawak as allowed in the federal constitution would be compromised.

The honourable prime minister had hinted on austerity drive and it signals to all citizens to tighten their belts and no unnecessary spending. In line with this austerity drive, I hope annual bonus for government servants be scrapped and the fund be used to help stall holders and unlicensed traders and hawkers to boost "street business". Street business can help public to enjoy availability of cheaper goods and food.

Voon Lee Shan
President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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