The Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) had been invited to “A CHRISTMAS CAROL, SARAWAK IN DIVERSITY” programme on 3 December, 2023 at Padang Merdeka, Kuching. I was made to understand that Premier DATUK PATINGGI TAN SRI (DR) ABANG HAJI ABDUL RAHMAN ZOHARI BIN TUN DATUK ABANG HAJI OPENG will be the Guest of Honour. TVS is the main organizer and this program was said supported by Unit Hal Ehwal Agama-agama Lain of the Premier’s Department, Sarawak.

It seems all songs for the carol were chosen without consultation of ACS and this prompted ACS seeking to change one song, “Jingle Bells Rock” with, “O Holy Night” but, this was turned down by the organisers. The reason for its rejection was, “due to the religious elements and also due to the protocol from LPF (Lembaga Penapisan Film) and MCMC (Malaysian Communication & Multimedia Commission.

To turn away the request of ACS that represents more than one million Christians out of a population of 2.6 million in Sarawak is a grave insult to the Christian community in Sarawak. The organisers had failed to understand that although Islam is the official religion in the federation, there is freedom of worship under the federal constitution by other religions in this country. The organisers should also understand the sensitivity of the matter among Christians in Sarawak because Christmas is associated with the birth of our Lord Jesus and it is also a time for worshipping and singing songs of praise to our God.

If the organizers think that the song, “O Holy Night” has “religious elements” then there was no reason to invite ACS to the progamme in the first place because ACS is a religious body of which Committee members of the ACS are spiritual leaders of the church that are looking after the interest of Christians in Sarawak.

Organisers and Department of the Premier (Unit Hal Ehwal Agama-agama Lain) need to be reminded that it was not the desire of the people before Malaysia was formed to have an official religion for Sarawak. Organisers and Department of Premier are also reminded that we, Christians in Borneo wish not to be led by the nose and when our rights are affected. When are rights to freedom of worship are affected, we shall stand up together to back our church leaders of any decisions our church leaders will take in accordance with the law and constitution.


ACS has rightly rejected the invitation as not only will it not only set a bad precedent for the future but it is discriminatory against Christianity in Malaysia.

Christians in Sarawak are urged to stand firm behind ACS to boycott the programme.

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